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My Bischling

Mount Bischling is considered to be one of the best flying areas for both paragliders and hang-gliders within the Austrian Alps. The cable car brings you right to the top within minutes, where an amazing panoramic view with exceptional flying infrastructure awaits you!

Take-off areas

You can start from north-west to south till east in nearly all directions except for north. The easiest take-off area is considered to be the „west“ near the mountain hut restaurant, where the wind conditions are usually very good. This is also an excellent launch site for hang-gliders since the mountain inclination becomes steeper. The west take-off area allows enough space for 5-6 paragliding pilots to easily lie out their gliders simultaneously. By north-easterly, easterly or southerly winds, Bischling pilots usually take off a good 90m north of the cable car station Ikarus. This take-off area is also a grassy field, which allows 4-5 gliders to be laid out simultaneously. During southerly winds in the summer season there is another take-off site, which allows 3 gliders to be laid out simultaneously.
Height of take-off sites: ca. 1830 meters

1: Take-off east, 2: Cable car station Ikarus, 3: Mountain hut restaurant, 4: Take-off west, 5: Take-off south, 6: Bischling trail


The official landing field is located directly next to the road (on the left) that leads to the cable car station Ikarus, a short 400-meter walk. Paragliding pilots can easily reach the cable car station with all of their equipment. The landing field is immense and well over two hectares, which is ideal for paragliding and hang-gliding pilots alike.
Height of landing feeld: 940 meters

1: Landing field, 2: Practice hill, 3: Flying school, 4: Barbarahof, 5: Cable car station

The paragliding school Austriafly

Built in 2014 with an ideal location next to the landing field, the Austriafly paragliding school is a fabulous addition to the flying infrastructure in Werfenweng. Take advantage of the following:

– Special courses for paragliding and hang-gliding pilots
– Paragliding shop
– Paraglider safety check
– Courses in paragliding and hang gliding
– Tandem flights